Oktober 21, 2012

May I introduce to you ...

... my new best friend?

Say hello to (well, I dont have a name yet) - maybe Pfaffy the magic machine ;-)

Yesterday, I went sewing machine shopping (Woohoo!!!)
I havent been this excited in forever! I told everybody about it all week long, whether they wanted to hear it or not. I know that you all know what I'm talkig about ;-)

I wanted a machine that I can use for quilting, sewing heavy duty stuff like leather or several layers of fabric, lining, viline ...and I wanted decorative stitches!

This one seams to have it all for a reasonable price. It helped that I got a bonus from work for being with the company for 10 years already (I still cant believe it).

When I got home and studied the manual I was a bit bumped out at first that my version didnt have any alphabete stitches, but hey, who needs alphabete stitches anyways ;-)

I wanted to do FMQ so bad. Last Sunday, I had a chance to try at my first meeting with the Berlin Modern Quilt Guild (more on that later).

I DO love those cute stitches. They will be great for little purses and pouches - even on quilts, mug rugs etc.

But wait!
There is more!
Yes, another box! It's still not open, cause I dont think I can handle two much new things at once. For now I am happy playing with the Pfaff! I have an appointment at the store in November when I will learn about what's in the box ;-)

Thank you all for being there and for commenting on my (lately oh so rare) posts. Sorry, if I havent replied to your sweet comments. I try to be better!
I also made a lot latey, but dont find the time to post about it :( and dont have time to read blogs and leave comments. I wish my day had 48 hours and I had more energy! It doesnt help that it gets dark so soon now.

Have a great week,
xo Sana


  1. Congrats on the beautiful machine. My first machine is a Pfaff. I still use it if I need to FMQ with some of the more delicate threads. They truly are a wonderful machine. Don't worry about not replying to comments. We all understand that there really isn't enough hours in the day! lol.

  2. Life happens, enjoy every minute and don't worry about should have, could have, and would have. They will make you nuts.

    It is good to visit with you when you have the time.

  3. Congratulations! Hope they made you a good deal at the store! :)

  4. Oh I have a Pfaff too and I love it. Though I bought it second hand and it doesn't embroider cute little ants. Enjoy......

  5. Hello my dear! Enjoy your new toy ; )

  6. Oh Sana, how exciting! I think crafters should beexampt from sleep, then we couchia niece SO much more!

  7. Congratulations on your new machine and your 10 years anniversary :)

  8. How exciting for you!! Have fun!!

  9. Love those ant stitches, enjoy playing with your new machine!

  10. Lucky you! That's a great acquisition... As Fiona, I love that ant stitches, and know why you selected them at first...you're like they, a hard worker!
    Don't feel afraid for not often bloggin', I can't do it too. For me, sewing is first, ;-)

  11. Wow! That looks incredible. I'm very envious!