Juni 30, 2012

Little things & Big shopping results ;-)

Thought I show you what I've been up to lately.

Firts I was (and I still am) busy sewing little things. Cell phone pouches are pretty popular right now and I think I need to buy a whole role of that Berlin Skyline ribbon. Everybody is asking for it ;-)

I finally found a fabric flower style I liked. Surprisingly enough I've known this folding technique since I was a little girl. I loved to fold fabric napkins like this. I just folded two 5"-fabric squares and stacked them on top of each other. Let me know if you want a tutorial.

Last Sunday I went to a very happy place ;-)
A couple of times a year there is a GIGANTIC fabric market in Potsdam (close to Berlin). So far, I've always missed it. This time it has been in my calendar for months ;-)
My lovely little sister happens to live in Potsdam and she and later on her boyfriend were brave enough to join me. Before I went I gave myself a budged and left my debit card at home ;-)
So, this is what I came home with:

Almost everything was on my wishlist. Bottom left is a whole new collection and will become at least one diaper/camera bag. The pic next to it shows some jerseys which I want to turn into some shirts for myself. The middle pic on the right are quilting fabrics: two white on white prints I have been happily using for the June-block of my Scrappy? Sew Bee It! - bee:

I will show you the whole block once it arrived safely in Sweden.

xxo Sana


  1. The Berkin fabric is really cool :) and what a great fabric sale. Your bundles looks wonderful and inspiring.

  2. The fabric and ribbon is all lovely, I can't believe your will power in not taking your card when fabric shopping!!

  3. You have been busy! Everything looks wonderful. I wonder if they have the Austin skyline too? Very cute.

  4. ooooh, i love the plaid! also would like to see that fabric flower tutorial for sure!

  5. Lovely fabrics. You were very disciplined to leave your debit card at home! Love that Berlin skyline ribbon.

  6. So nice to add to the stash! Happy sewing : )

  7. Of course we want a tutorial on the folded flower. Looks like you had a great time shopping, can't wait to see the finished products!

  8. You did well at the markets... beautiful fabric!!! I would have had to take my credit card with me. The phone cases look great and yes, please, I'd love a tutorial on the fabric flower.

  9. Good that I didn't know about the market...
    Where did you buy the Berlin ribbon?
    And I love the little flower, looks great.

  10. Oh wow, you did well with your shopping!

  11. Your Berlin ribbon is gorgeous - I can understand why it's so sought after! Lovely stack of fabricy goodness :o)