März 25, 2012

I've been tagged - 4 TIMES !!!

Enough is enough ;-)
If I wait any longer I'll probably end up with 110 qestions to answer. So far there are 44!!!
Tanya, Katie, Toni and Krista tagged me.
Thanks guys!!! ;-)
I will break this up into 2 posts.

Today I will answer Katie's and Krista's questions.

Katie's questions:

1. Are you a morning or a night person?
- Definitely a night person - good for my long distance marriage, cause we usually speak between 10 pm and 1 a.m.

2. If I were to visit your hometown, where would we go?
- Berlin: Ick bin ein Berliner ;-)

3. Did you play any sports growing up?
- I did some gymnastics for a few years.

4. If you didn't make quilts, how would you use your creativity?
- Mainly I sew other things like bags and pouches. Quilts are the exeption for me.

5. What's your favorite color and why?
- Right now it's teal, probably because it's everywhere.

6. Least favorite and why?
- Spinach green, cause of bad childhood memories involving spinach that was cooked till it was dead.

7. Where is your favorite place on earth to be?
- Anywhere where my husband is!

8. How did you meet your sigificant other/love interest?
- in June 2001 we were both dragged to a party we didn't wanna go to. Soon after they arrived my husband's friends left again. He didnt know anyone there, but decided to stay hoping to meet someone cool. Well, he ended up sitting next to me ;-)

9. What is your dream job?
- Payed vacationer ;-) Ok, for real I would love to make money with the things I am creating or be the proud owner of a Coffee-Fabric-Shop

10. What is your favorite movie and why?
- Meet Joe Black, because I can cry my little heart out at the end, but I also love Amélie, Forrest Gump (just any Tom Hanks movie ;-), Meet the Parents...

11. What is your favorite type of music?
- I love a lot of different types of music, but mostly Rock, a bit more Alternative lately. At the moment I love The Black Keys:


1. Starch or no starch?
- have not ever used starch

2. Prewashing or not?
- Have not dared to not prewash yet.

3. Solids or prints?
- I love all those prints out there, but I have a hard time putting them together. Solids are so much easier to mix ;-) but I have almost zero solids in my stash.

4. Dogs or cats?
- I would love to have a cat as my own pet, but I love other people's dogs!

5. Big quilts or little quilts?
- I dont really get a kick out of wall hangings. I think a quilt needs to be big enough to snuggle under, but my machine is so little, it would struggle with big quilts.

6. Thrifting or buying new?
- I usually buy new, but that's because I find the items I fall in love with at flea markets still too expensive (at least that my experience here in Berlin).

7. Wood floors or carpet?
- wood floor (I love dust mice!)

8. Beer or wine?
- wine and flavoured beer. Yes, Germans do that kinda thing ;-) It started out a very long time ago with mixing beer with Fanta and Sprite (even coke) as a refreshing Summer drink with not so much alcohol and now there are 5 billion different brands. I Love Cider (isnt that kinda both: wine in a beer glass?)

9. Staying in or going out?
- I stay in more often, but when I'm out I usually enjoy it a lot.

10. One fabric line per quilt or mix and match?
- so far it's mix and match, but I would love to have the money to buy more coordinating fabrics at a time

11. Watching tv or listening to music?
- I love watching tv, but at the moment I dont have one, so I am enjoying listening to music and my favourite radio station. TV is definitely too distracting when sewing.


  1. Awesome! Where is that husband of yours? I LOVE Amelie! I hear you on the quilt size, I like snuggling under a quilt. Although minis are growing on me, only cause they're so cute and quick! Thanks for playing :D

  2. Flavoured beer?? tell me more... lol

  3. Meet Joe Black is a great movie!

    I'm partial to wine and cider too. It's fun to read people's answers in this game.

  4. It was a great read and fun learning more about you.