März 27, 2012

Find out (almost) everything about Sana - Part 2

Here is part two of the inqusion torture session ;-)

Tanya's questions:

1. Why do you craft?
- I am not good at he designing process, but I just love to make things.

2. If someone could make you a handmade gift for you, what would you like to receive?
- A gigantic quilt, since I dont seem to get one done ;-) But I love pouches, too!

3. What is your favorite color?
- Teal (also in combination with brown or pink).

4. What is your favorite movie or T.V. program?
- Favorite movie: see other post
- Favorite TV show: Anything CSI, True Blood, How I Met your Mother, The Big Bang Theory...

5. What is your current craft project?
- I have what feels like a billion current craft projects, but I have my DSQ on the design wall and I need to make a little pouch for my best friend. I think I have to post my To Sew List at some point soon ;-)

6. If you are given a free ticket/ accommodation to go anywhere in the world, where would you like to go?
- Austin, where hubby is ;-) or Australia

7. If you are given another 24 hours in a day, what would you like to do?
- Sew and sleep (that's what I feel like right now)

8. Do you watch T.V. or listen to music when you work on your hobby projects?
- listen to the radio a lot, but also to CDs

9. What is your favorite season?
- Spring and Summer, when it's not too hot. But I also love fall and winter, when the sun is shining.

10. What do you do first thing in the morning?
- Have to have a Latte Macchiato!

11. What's your favorite treat?
- International treat: classic M&Ms
- favourite East German treat: Knusperflocken

Toni's questions:

2. What is your dream vacation, and would you take anyone with you?
- rent an old VW bus and ride down the Adriatic coast of Croatia with my husband of course!
3. What was your first car?
- never owned one

4. How did you meet your current partner/ love interest?
- see my last post ;-)

5. What is the worst injury you've ever had?
- A bleeding wound on my forhead during 1st grade, but it didnt need stitches ;-) Knock on wood.

6. What is your favorite snack?
- unhealthy: see Tanya's 11th question ;-)
- somewhat healthy: mozarella caprese (with tomatoes)
7. Besides quilting, do you have any other hobbies?
- I mainly sew accessories (quilting is the exeption). I love to read and photography.

8. What is your least favorite household chore?
- Does that mean I have to have a favourite one?
9. How close do you live to the place you grew up?
- 1 km to the place I lived with my mom and 5 km to my Dad's appartment, where I was born (well, not exactly) and where he still live's. I've always lived in the same area of Berlin, but in different appartments.
10. If you had to pick a favorite quilt, which one would it be?
- I find Lynne's Penguin Book Quilt amazing, but I love pretty much everything with rainbow colors:

Source: Lily's Quilts
11. Do you have any pet peeves that you don't mind sharing?
- I absolutely hate it when other people chew with there mouth open ;-) 

Oh, since I believe that everybody in blogland has been tagged (otherwise I cant explain why I've been tagged 4 times) I am tagging everybody who reads this! Ha! That includes those 4 nosy people who did this to me ;-)
Ups, I guess I have to come up with 11 questions now? You might be lucky and I'll just skip that part. If I can come up with 11 questions soon, I'll post them in  a different post!

Good night for now ;-)


  1. Thanks for letting us be so nosey about you!

  2. Great post :-) Okay, so what are Knusperflocken, and the coffee - How did..what...is it? Three layers? What is it?!

  3. Fun answers! I'm sure there is much more to learn about you, though! Tell me more about these Knusperflocken...they look like our chocolate stars. And I love your idea of traveling the coast of Croatia. Sounds dreamy!

  4. Good idea to RENT a VW as we owned one but he was very naughty and broke down all the time.... So he lives with new parents now.... And we haveLibby.... His younger sister!

  5. Come and say 'Hi' when you win that free ticket to Australia...

  6. I want to know more about those Knusperflocken. I'd probably like them since I also like M&Ms and you listed those as another favorite treat.
    Your dream vacation sounds fabulous!

  7. It was fun reading all that stuff about you - thanks for sharing.

  8. I'm trying to catch up with your posts and just found this one...love reading your answers. :)