Dezember 01, 2011

Award and sign of life

You know what?
Only 11 more days and I will be reunited with my husband for 5.5 weeks!!!! Yay!

On another note, last week I recieved my very first blogger award. The very very sweet Tanya of Craft Couture by T.C. emailed me that she thinks me and my little blog are worthy of

This is very exciting! And it comes with a few rules:
1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading.
4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

Well, that first one is easy:
Thank you, thank you and Dankeschön Tanya!!! This was such a sweet surprise. I am so happy we met here in the blogosphere and it already feels like we have been friends forever!
Everybody, hop on over to Tanya's blog and show her some love ;-)

Seven things about myself:

1. I absolutely hate dog-ears in books. I guess that's me being typically German.
2. At some point I wanna visit every continent. I feel like if you don't do it its like having a million bucks sitting infront of you and not taking it.
3. I don't have a huge collection but I love to listen to music from the 50th and 60th.
4. You can make me feel like I am in paradise by taking me to JoAnn's ;-) We don't have stores like that.
5. In East Germany we celebrated the foundation of the Young Pioneers Organizaton on the same day like my birthday (which is coming up). So, if you wanna know when my b-day is, you gotta check out wiki first ;-) Sorry, can't stop slaming you with the history facts. I am usually not like this ;-) 
6. I love dragonflys (and any fabric that has them on) and I love taking pics of them and their other little bug friends.
7. Fireworks make me cry. Austin, get out the tissues ;-)

Now, on to part 3 and 4 of the rules.
I know that this award has circled through blogland for quite a while now (with changing rules) and I also know that some people don't like to recieve awards. And I think you all who are interested in my scribbling have deserved that award! You all are so super creative and definitely an inspiration at any time!!!
Thank you all for being there!

I don't wanna hurt anyones feeling by not picking their blog and I don't wanna annoy anyone.
So, if you are interested in this award then let me know in a comment.
If you dont want it leave me a comment about something else ;-)

I will hopefully be back tomorrow with some pics of the tiny things I made lately ;-)

See ya


  1. Sandra - thank you for the mention! :) I love your 7 facts..I am still smiling after finished reading them. :) I will have to go check wiki for your cool that we get to learn a bit of history too ;)

  2. YEAH For YOU!!! You two gals are my loyal followers, and I can always count on a check in from you both! Hey, at my age I need an award just for making it out of bed in the a.m. Count me in on the running! LOL ^.^ The pioneers' slogan "For peace and socialism be ready - always ready." And you shall age another year on December 13th my friend! Hugs! Kim

  3. Congratulations Sandra! Fun to learn new things about you.

  4. Come to Australia (the smallest continent); I'll take you to our two Big Box Stores (though they're probably not anywhere near as good as JoAnns) and I'll lwet you listen to our music form the sixties!

    And I guarantee the books I sent you are free from dog ears! My father would have "killed" me if he had seen me do that to a book, or place it open with the spine facing upwards!!

  5. I love your seven facts, too. :o) I always enjoy reading your blog, and have had so much fun making blog friends from other countries. Hooray that you get to see your husband soon, and for five weeks! Is his name Austin? That is my son's name. ;) Also, hate dog eared pages. UGH. ha!

  6. I agree; Tanya's blog is great and so is she!!! Good to learn a little more about you. Congrats on the award. Eleven days will go quickly...

  7. That's great that you will soon be united with your husband! I can imagine that it's hard to live on different continents.

    You're the only person I have met that also wants to visit every continent! I had the goal of going to them all by the time I turned 30, but since that's this month, I don't think it will happen. I have been to three of them though, and was on a roll to do it. The trip I wanted to take to Africa was cancelled and that kind of derailed it. I was pretty excited a few years ago when I found out that there are cruises along Antarctica, although they are quite spendy.

    I love finding out random things about people. Yay for December birthdays!

  8. Great to have him back (for a while?).
    Die Deutsche grundlichkeit: no dogears LOL
    Pity the versatile blog award stops at you.
    I don't agree, pick whoever you like.
    Maybe it's even hard to find 15 blogs you've recently discovered.
    BTW have you seen my blogoversary giveaway?
    Want to join in?

  9. Auch wenn du nur auf Deutsch weiter schreibst; nichts kann mich (mir?) aufhören deinen Blog zu lesen.
    Mein Deutsch is gut (genug)
    (hat mann dass schon übersetzt?)

  10. Checking in my friend! How many days now? 6 I think? Oh, I know you must be beside yourself! Getting ready and the packing and tickets etc. My thoughts and prayers are with you! Hugs Kim :')

  11. Yay for you reuniting with your hubby!! It was nice to read and learn more about you, enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing :D

  12. Yeah it's blast off day! Have a safe trip and enjoy your stay here in the states! Happy Holidays!