November 09, 2011

Thank you all!

I was so overwhelmed by all your kind comments on my last post! I noticed that some of you are pretty much my age. I was 8 (almost 9) years old when it happend. My mom woke me up the next morning asking me if I knew, where she had spent the night. She went to the Bridge where it all started after that guy on TV accidently  announced that we would be able to travel from the East to the West without any paper and RIGHT AWAY! At that time I really had no clue what it meant. Sadly I didnt even know that West-Berlin was literally right around the corner. We had family in the West. They sent us nice packages with Coffee, chocolat, toys and clothes but picturing where it came from was impossible for me! But after the Wall was down I learnt quickly about all the things we didnt have.

I found this clip on Youtube in English. If you have the time. It still brings tears to my eyes!

And I found this one. It shows what the bridge looks like today. Watching the video you can feel really close to me cause I actually only live 1 km away from it (at 1:00 min the camera faces towards my home ;-)

Thanks again for being there!


  1. Thank you for sharing these videos too!

  2. I Love your Little Daisy Chain Countdown! I know you must be so excited to see your husband! I'm a teeny tiny itsy bitsy older than you, (he,he) but... It was a great day when I watched the nightly news to hear our President Ronald Regan say such powerful words! We gained so much as well. I wish your days pass quickly, Kim

  3. I remember it well - I was a mother with a two year old child - it doesn't seem so long ago!

  4. Thanks for sharing the videos Sana. Did I see you waving!!