November 01, 2011

Let me introduce myself

I am Sana and I am a witch ;-) Well, last Saturday I was the one with the pointy hat ;-)

If you are new here and not scared off then you are very welcome and you can read a bit more about me here. This is me linking up with Lynne's great Small Blog Meet.

And since she is also hosting the Fresh Sewing Day, here is what I made during the last couple of weeks:

First I thought I didn't make anything but thanks to Halloween I literally "put together" a few things. On the top left you can see what the witch wore (a VERY simple organza skirt). Then I experimented with fabric brooches and I made those cute little fabric buttons. The brooches were supposed to be little treats for the fellow partiers but the all purpose glue I used for the pins in the back needed to dry forever so I couldnt take them to the party :(

Oh, and I also came up with this:

For everybody who is new: I made this "fake" quilt using photoshop in order to try out the fabric layout for Lynne's Dead Simple QAL.
I had a litte poll over on Flickr about the yellow center of the quilt. And this is the version with the most positive comments (and also my favourite). If you wanna have a say, too, hop on over and check out my album and just leave a comment. I appreciate every opinion!

Hope to hear from you and I promise I'll visit your blogs, too.


  1. Sorry, you didn't scare me off. :) love your "fake" quilt!

  2. Looks like you had fun! And your banner is in English! Your Dead Simple quilt is going to be so cool!

  3. I was just in Berlin two weeks ago - you live in a nice part of the world!
    I think if you thread paint the waterlily over the piece-work, it will look quite impressionistic.

  4. You make a lovely witch :) Your new header looks great too or maybe that was always there and I just didn't notice it....entirely possible! I like the orange flower with the spider on top, very Halloweeny :)

  5. Hahaha, love the spooky picture, how fun! You've made some many lovely things, your fabric flowers are my fave. :) I'm coming over from Small Blog Meet. Hope to see more of your cool creations!

  6. Hello! your 'fake' quilt is lovely :)

  7. That's a great idea for your DSQ! I have my fabric for the DSQ, but that's as far as I've gotten. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and following! You're right - its an awesome feeling getting those first few followers!

  8. I love your fake quilt!! I found you through the small blog meet, pretty awesome that she did that post. I can't wait to check out more of your blog & hopefully you catch mine soon. Have a great day!!
    January T

  9. Fabulous Halloween costumes, Sana. Looks like you had a lot of fun. The fabric flower looks good.

  10. Hi Sana,

    I went and had a look at your options I also really like the last one (4) but it might be just a little too complex for the rest of the quilt? I think the one you have chosen is fantastic... I was thinking of doing the dsqa and now you've pointed out the use of photoshop I'm even more keen lol... Although like you I'll probably end up with 1" squares...