November 04, 2011

Christmas is today!

At least that's how I feel!
After a long exhausting shift at work (since I have a very physical job, every bone was hurting) I experienced a very quick recovery when I pulled a nice sized envelope out of my mailbox ;-)
It all started when Carla of Graceandfavour posted this amazing Christmas quilt and I (innocently) asked if I could have it for christmas. I was a good girl ;-)
Well, she was smart and told me she could send me the pattern!
You would think that she could scan it and just email it to me. No! She decided to put the most amazing package together and make my day!!!!
So, let's see what was in it. I'm sure you are dying to find out ;-)

Can you believe, all of this came out of a 100 g package (3.5 ounces)?

There is THE pattern plus a fabric label (I've never seen one before) for when I am done with this quilt (next year i guess).

Then I found those cute Teeny Weeny Hand Dyed (!) Buttons and the funniest card (I'm probably gonna frame that ;-) The tiny quilt on its front is for real! Oh, and there also was this cool black fabric that says "Canada" all over!

And then that "crazy" lady ;-) included the MOST beautiful mug rug in the world. I admired it already when she posted about it but holding it in my hands it looks even better. I love it so much I will be using it all year round!

I immediately made myself a Latte Macchiato (the only way I can enjoy coffee!) and enjoyed.

I had my most favourite (East German) chocolat with it.

If you have made it so far, please go and check out Carla's blog. She makes the most beautiful quilts. Just dont ask her to send you stuff for free ;-) That was not my intention!

Carla, thank you soooooooooo much again and again and again. This is the most amazing thing a "stranger" has done for me but I feel were aren't strangers anymore! I love blogland!!!!


  1. How cool is that! Your a lucky girl!

  2. Hey, that's just what I was thinking. That is very cool and proves once again that quilters the world over are one awesome bunch of people.

  3. What a lovely surprise to come home to. Enjoy...

  4. How wonderful. Congratulations. As we say in Australia, "Good on ya, Carla!"

  5. As a friend of Carla's, I have to say that she is a very generous person. Glad that you enjoyed her present.

  6. Oh, you lucky girl!!! I will have to check out her site and see her beautiful work. You are right - the mug rug is just adorable! ~karen

  7. Wow received a great haul! So many sweet things! Don't you just love getting stuff in the mail? <3 Like a holiday every time@

    And by the way, that latte looks amaaaazing. Please share the recipe! I don't like coffee unless it's in a mocha latte from Starbucks, but why should I give them all of my money? ;)