November 17, 2011

Hope y'all don't hate me ...

... but I've been extremely lucky lately. It's kinda scary ;-)
First I wanna thank Lynne from Never too hot to stitch! for letting me win these three awesome books!

Borrowed the pic from Lynne's blog.
She is gonna send them to the States for me so I have something to read if hubby doesnt keep me entertained ;-)

And then yesterday morning I found a mail in my in my inbox that said "you won" and another one saying "Fat Quarterly subscription issue 7" and what was the first thing that came to my mind? "Wait a second, I thought Fat Quarterly was an advertisement free magazine!"
It took me a few seconds to remember that I had entered the giveaway at Lily's Quilts (see me blushing?)
So now I am a happy reciever of a year long subscription of

Fat Quarterly

This is so cool cause no matter if I move to another continent within the next year I can still recieve and read the magazine without any hassle about changing my address.
And then Lynne (who is now the well deserved newest member of the gang!) told me that one of the Fat Qarterly gang members, Tacha, also lives in Berlin and is part of the Berlin Modern Quilt Guild. Of course I contacted her right away ;-) Let's see what will happen next ...

Well, Lynne has another giveaway going on right now. It is (let me quote her) a MAHUSIVE giveaway.  Ma-double-husive.  Ma-Kona-husive. 
One lucky winner will recieve the ultimate gift (!!!!) and go home with those two beauties:


Can you believe it? There are already more than 1000 comments (just to compare: The FQly giveaway had 197 comments). So, hop on over to Lily's Quilts and good luck to everyone! I'm off to read my magazine now ;-)


  1. Congratulations and happy reading...

  2. Of course we don't hate you. Ok... maybe a little bit. ;)

    Saw your win over at Lily's Quilts and have been meaning to say congratulations. Enjoy your subscription. Looking forward to seeing your creations after all that inspiration. :)

  3. Congratulations! Fat Quarterly looks like a very fun magazine, I really need to go ahead and get a subscription. And very exciting that you've made contact with a fellow quilter in your city! And now I'm off to try and win the Kona extravaganza!

    Oh, and looks like your down to less than a month until you see your honey!!

  4. Congrats on the win! I'm glad it went to someone I know online so I can check out all the projects you will be making from it. :)

  5. Congratulations on the win at Lynne's blog - it must be our shared name!! LOL

  6. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Ist ja wirklich toll. Dann brauchst Du ja gar nicht mehr in die Buchhandluch Deines Vertrauens. :-)

  7. Oooo, congratulations! So many new things you can make from them... <3 You are such a lucky lady!

  8. oH MY goodness!! How did I miss this post? I have been so behind on my blog reading with all the things that have been going on. MUST. GO. ENTER. Even if there are 9 katrillion other comments. Maybe I'll just get lucky. ha! Congrats on all of your wonderful wins! :o) So you are coming to the States? And possibly moving to another continent?