September 01, 2011

Small Blog Meet

Lynne from Lily's Quilts generously offered her blog space to new and small bloggers to find and meet each other. Again!!!!

Small Blog Meet

I think it's so sweet of her and she even raised the number of followers you can have in order to qualify.
Last time I had so much fun and met so many nice people so I decided to do it again (and I still qualify ;-)

So if you are coming over from Lily's and wanna know more about me and why some of this is blog is in German you can read all about here.

Welcome to my blog! I will try to check out all of the new ones at the Link Party, too.

This is what I will try to work on next:

I started this wall hanging years ago. For this Halloween I'm gonna try to finish it to give to my little sister.
She looooooooooooves that holiday!


  1. Sana,

    I am trying to finish something I started years ago too! Maybe we can finish together. Let's do it!


  2. I am looking forward to seeing your finished wall hanging!

  3. hehe, we already follow each other! nice to see you again :D

  4. Cute Halloween project! I have a bunch of blocks from years ago, too, that I should get out and finish. I'm going to follow your blog.. love having blog friends from across the world. :)

  5. Hi Sana. I like your wall hanging and am sure your sister will too.

  6. I am not just a small blog I am a brand new tiny blog!

    My great grandfather is from Germany, I have ever since I can remember, loved the Germany made Christmas ornaments that hung on our trees in the 60's!

    I am a new follower of yours! I would love you too stop at my little place and say hello!

    So, nice too read about you and I bet you can't wait too get to the States!