September 19, 2011

DSQAL - I finally picked my palette

Dead Simple Quiltalong

If my computer hadn't been messing with me all night long I would have posted this more than two hours ago and I could be sound asleep :-(
But I didn't wanna leave without finally posting my DSQAL color palette!!!

I took this photo in a little pond that we have as a little recreation place at work. I was so surprised to find it there, cause I work in a very industrial area of Berlin - it's NOT pretty!

And with the tutorial I found on Rita's blog I could create my own palette.

So, here we go:
10 years ago my FQ collection was born and grew with every visit to the states. But every time I see the huge collection in the store I'm overwhelmed and I am magically drawn to very bright, very colourful and very many pretty prints. That's why I've almost no solids in my stash but I'm pretty happy with my first pull!

I decided to throw in some black and white and it seams like I have a little butterfly theme going on ;-)

So what do you think my dear followers? I am so happy you all are there!!!!!


  1. I think it looks great! And even more fun that it came from your own picture!

  2. It's a lovely palette and the fabrics you have pulled are gorgeous! My DD loves butterflies so she would love your fabrics!

  3. Very nice palette! And that tutorial you linked to may just convince me to get a copy of PS so I can do that with all kinds of images I take.

  4. Wow!You did a fantastic job. Your colours are beautiful.

  5. I love that you used your own picture! Great palette! I can't wait to see how you use it!

  6. You have a Great eye for color, this is evident in all of your wonderful photos!

    Standing by, too see your wonderful creation!
    (Sorry, YOU are giving, YOUR computer Fits! Ha!
    Get some sleep now!

  7. Love your photo and your fabric choices - your DSQ is going to be stunning!