April 01, 2012

Fresh Sewing Day

Today is the first of the month again, which means Lynne is hosting another Fresh Sewing Day.

Lily's Quilts

Last month I didnt take part cause I hadnt really done anthing.
Though what I am showing you today, I actually made in February.
One of my best friends invited me to her fiancé's birthday party and believe it or not he is one of my biggest fans. He loves everything I make.
So, of course I had to make something for him, but the question was: what?
First of all I never make things for guys and I dont have "manly" fabrics.

Well, isn't that an excellent excuse to go fabric shopping? ;-)
I went to a very nice shop not to far from where I live. It's called Frau Tulpe and I finally got some yummy Echino Nico there. I wanted it since I saw Krista's cute Scooter Bag. It was kind of pricy, but totally worth it.

I also found a big remnant piece of laminated fabric, which I wanna use for a diaper bag for a friend of mine and I got some ribbon. I LOVE ribbons and I love the Berlin skyline. It was the ribbon I had been waiting for to be made ;-) Made some key fobs with it already.

And then I had to decide what to make for my friend. I made him a toilet / wash bag (cosmetic bag does not sound fitting for a guy, I guess). Inside I used brown polka dot oil cloth that I also found at Frau Tulpe's.

I used this pattern. It was meant for knitting supplies and I altered the size to make it higher. The download is free. Sorry, it's only in German, but I have seen tons of similar tutorials on cosmetic bags in the WWW.

He absolutely loved it!!!

Yesterday, I was also productive. I made 3 of those cute fabric bowls for a friend, took pics of them at the party and then forgot my camera there :(
I'm gonna show you in a couple of days once I got my cam back.

I really hope that next month I have more to show.

If you found my blog through the Fresh Sewing Day Linky, then: Welcome!!!
I'd love it if you left a comment letting me know you were here.



  1. Nice job on the man bag Sana. Love the fabrics! Did you just wing it, or did you use a pattern? Either way, it's fabulous!

  2. Great bag. I need to make one of those.

  3. The man's toiletry bag is awesome, Sana! Love the fabric!

  4. Hi Sana! I love love love the man-bag. :o) So cute.. er.. I mean ruggedly handsome. hehe That fabric is so cool. It turned out so great!! Can't wait to see your fabric bowls. :o)

  5. The wash bag looks great - and you have a label on it.

  6. Ich sende mal herzliche Grüße!

  7. Just cute, cute, cute!! You are so incredibly talented! I'm gonna be able to say "I knew you when"...Love the fabric you picked out for the bag. And those bowls. Love, love, love them!

  8. You know I never get time to do the Fresh Sewing day now. the months are flying. I love what you are doing with your photos. Are you using Picasa?
    anyway Lucky you for finding that fabric. I never got my hands on it unfortunetly. One day maybe. Your little pouch looks fantastic. Looking forward to seeing more.

  9. That toiletries bag is really lovely. Well done.