März 02, 2012

More charms

Just a little post about fabric.

Last time I joined the Think Tank I won the Little Apples layer cake and I am absoltely phsyched about it. Thanks again Rebecca and Kelli for hosting that great giveaway!

 Today when I opened my mailbox I found an envelope from Ireland (never got mail from there before!)
It was the cute charm pack that Erin generously gave away at the Fugly Fabric Party.
She also added the cutest Matrjoshka pincushion! I have actually never owned a pincushion!!!

Thank you soooooooooo much Erin. I love the fabric! When shopping for fabric I always neglect colors like that. Which means I am always short on guy/boy-suitable fabrics.
Not everybody seams to love rainbow colors like I do ;-)

Talking about rainbows, I got in...


Kate said a few days ago that she was hosting another Color Wheel Charm Swap and at 10pm sharp she posted the link to register. I was ready AND I got in. Woohoo!!!!!
Just a minute ago I also got my color assignment: Yellow-green. The funny thing is that only 20 minutes ago, when telling my husband about the swap on the phone, I said: I hope I dont get yellow-green. Haha! It has to do with a little kid's trauma of having to eat spinach with eggs. haha
Time to get over it!

Gotta go to sleep now! 
Take care everybody,



  1. Congratulations on winning another charm, Sandra! :) I have some fabrics from that line and they are very pretty.

    I have never tried the fabric swaps before..mainly because I am afraid I can't find the fabrics one request :(

  2. Congrats on winning the charm packs!!!

  3. I'm in the charm swap too..... And I'm just eggs.... Well just the yolk bit. Love the pin cushion.

  4. Sorry it took so long to send Sandra. Hope it comes in use! I've seen those rainbow charm swaps before and thought they looked great. Lucky you.

  5. I have a "pure" charm pack as well and will be watching what you do with yours : )

  6. I saw that the swap filled up very quickly! I was in the last one and not interested in this one (nor can I afford to buy that much fabric, really). I had yellow-green in that round too. Have fun!

  7. What a cute pin cushion!! And love the charm pack fabrics. :o) Keep up the winning streak! I'm so glad you won! xo

  8. Sana - I'm nominating you for the Liebster Blog award. I posted about it here :)

    I hope you will accept it. :D

  9. Hi Sana! Always fun getting stuff in the mail, that pincushion is to die for! Have fun with the swap :D

  10. You've been busy!! I'm on pins and needles (bad pun!) about your life changing news...spill your beans ;) Congrats on getting into the color wheel swap...sounds exciting. My peeps - well, except Brad, like spinach and eggs! I promise I will never make it for you.

  11. what a lovely parcel to get through the post! I love the pincushion, it's so cute. I hope you enjoy your swap

    Kate x