Februar 29, 2012

leap year post

I wanted to write a post just because it's such a speacial date!
Happy Birthday to everyone born on this day. You may stay forever young ;-)

And since this is a sewing related blog (sometimes ;-) I can show you something great!

I finally cut all my fabric for the DSQAL! Woohoo!

I also improvised a design wall with all the polyester batting I had left:

And I have made a life changing decision (more about that later)!
What a day!!!!


  1. I love your quilt so far. Fun colors!

  2. Schöne, frische Farben. Ziehst du in die USA?
    (Übrigens habe ich gerade ein give away auf meiner Seite und das Buch geht nur an jemanden, der/die Deutsch spricht...

  3. Wow! That is going to be spectacular Sana! I am so happy that you are finally getting it done. :-). Add that to a life changing decision....how can you tease us so!

  4. Woohoo! I'm happy you are working on this quilt. Better late then never.:)

  5. This quilt is going to be beautiful!