Februar 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!
Just wanted to spread a little love. 
No one has to be alone here in blogland! 
I will be thinking of everyone who can't be with their loved ones for one reason or the other. 
Please don't be sad today! 

Today is not just Valentine's Day. Today is the last day you can enter my giveaway
In pretty much exactly 24 h I will be drawing the lucky winner!
So, good luck!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you, too! I love those flowers. Do you call them Bleeding Hearts in German?

    1. In German they are called "Crying Hearts" (Tränendes Herz).

  2. Happy Valentine's Day to you too.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you too Sana. We call them bleeding hearts as well, but now I much prefer crying hearts!

  4. Happy Valentines Day! Sending lots of love to you from Texas. Snow flurries yesterday (Sunday) and 76F for Valentines Day. Crazy Texas weather! Love your new header; it looks great!

  5. einen schönen Valentinstag wünssche ich dir!
    Lieben Gruss Elke