Januar 08, 2012

Christmas gift parade

Hey there!
Hope you are all having (had) a nice Sunday.
I finally finished working on the photos of the little things I made for christmas.
I noticed I made it look like it's a lot ;-)
Don't let me fool you!

So, here we go!

My husband and I are still enjoying being together! Thanks for all you sweet comments. We are playing lot's of Disc golf (I've gotten a lot better) and he made me watch all the super hero movies that came out last year. They were actually pretty good ;-)

Mama, das ist Frisbee Golf!
 I am gonna link up with Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day.

Fresh Sewing Day


  1. Sandra - You have made lots of gifts for Christmas. I love the cosmetic brush roll (if what those are for :)) you made..I am thinking about making one to keep my knitting needles.

    I have never tried disc golf before..sounds like fun though..is it similar to frisbee?

    What a great way to spending good quality time with your hubby watching super-heroes movie? I am going to Real Steel this Wednesday with my students. I can't wait since everyone said it's very good and I have not been to the theater for ages. I like super-heroes movies. :)

    Enjoy your vacation. :) Take care my friend!

  2. Oh Man! Your trying to make us slackers look even more so. What great hand mades! Sweet each and everyone! Hugs, Kim C ^i^

    P.S. I did it! Pic is up. Be kind?

  3. You HAVE made a lot!!! I was thinking the rolls might be for knitting needles, but I can see Tanya thinks they might be for makeup brushes. Love the bright and bold fabric you've used throughout the projects. Your labels look great, too. Enjoy the rest of your time over there!!!

  4. Glad you are both enjoying each other's company.

  5. wow, you certainly accomplished alot...looks great!

  6. You made lots of great things! Glad you are enjoying your time with your husband! There is a disc golf course close to our area, but I have never given it a try, either. Take care!

  7. So lucky to be a recipient of your generosity!! Glad you made it back home safely. We not so patiently await your return!! We might get a little rain tomorrow. Hoping so - 60% chance...