Dezember 17, 2011

The bestest husband in the world

First of all I wanna thank everyone for your kind birthday wishes on my last post!

We had a lovely dinner with my sweet Mother in Law at Mesa Rosa (I had been craving Mexican food since I booked that flight ;-)
And you know what? On my 31st b-day I had to show my ID (haha). My husband believes it's because I act suspicious (like I never had a margarita before ;-)
Well, it was yummy!
And now (drum roll, please) ... the gifts!

First of all I treated myself with a little something I sewed in the middle of the night before I left Germany.
I made so many little things for my family and all the things for myself got pushed to the bottom of the list and I that fabric had been staring at me. So, I thought, just DO IT (I couldnt sleep anyways!)

Originally I wanted a little pouch for my comfy headphones and the ipod and then it turned into a big enough pouch to fit all of my cables, card reader, headphone, even my not so small digicam ...

Here it is:

Before I left Germany my Mom gave me this:

Any ideas of what it could be?

It's a PASSPORT COVER!!!! Yay! I spotted it recently in a book store and fell in love with the silhouette sights, the map, the old style... I told my mom about it and she heard me ;-)
It comes with a name tag for the suitcase, too. Ever since I saw passport covers in the States I wanted one. Unfortunately the American ones dont fit German passports :( I had to find out the hard way!

Now, lets come to the bestest gift EVER! And it was a huge surprise, too. It is very hard to surprise me! Although I dont do any peeking, people always mess up and I'll know about my gifts even if I dont want to.

Are you ready?

My MIL picked this gorgeous cover to go with it. It's super special. And isn't it cool how both of my moms had almost the same idea? They could not have talked to each other since one speaks only English and the other one only speaks German ;-) I would have picked it myself! Can you tell I love covers?
And Lynne, I already got a sample of The Drunkard's Path on it!


  1. HI!!!! I've not been computing much lately! Happy B-lated!! And I so miss Arizona just because of the Food! Eat me a Tamale and a Chimi and a Chile Rellano and a bunch of Sopapillas with honey and...... ;)
    Wanna trade hubbys? Guess what is under my tree? A dang Hoover Steam Cleaner! Holy Crap, Merry Xmas you TWO!

  2. Wow, what great gifts! I absolutely love the fabric on your pouch! I have never seen it before.
    Happy Birthday!

  3. Sandra - I am so glad to hear that you got to spend your birthday with the special man in your life :) That's a really great gift (and I am not saying this because I got my boyfriend a kindle for his birthday ;)).

    The passport book cover and kindle cover are gorgeous! And yes they go along together really cool!

    Please enjoy the rest of your vacation. I am looking forward to hearing more about your happy moments. :)

  4. Forgot to add that the pouch you made looks great! I love how roomy it did a fantastic job whipping it up so quickly :)

  5. You've received some great presents. Love the pouch you made... lovely fabrics and great shape!

  6. Hi! Sorry I missed your last post. Happy Birthday! Glad you got so spoilt... and managed to spoilt yourself too. :)

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday. Glad you got to read some of one of the books!

  8. Hi there! So happy you are with your man again. Enjoy every minus : ) Have a wonderful Christmas.

  9. that was supposed to say enjoy every minute! Sorry

  10. Great gifts and I am in love with the pouch you made! All of the purple and peacocks, oh my!

    When I was in London I was craving Mexican food. One night the group I was traveling with decided to try a Tex Mex restaurant there and wow, was that a mistake. It was so bad. I would love to live in Texas just to have great Mexican food all the time (and other reasons besides).

    Have a great Christmas!

  11. Genieße deine Zeit in Texas und herlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich!